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“So real, so real / It’s the real deal” – so profess Nashville soul-revivalists the Dynamites. They may well be talkin’ ’bout love (as many seem to do), but it’s hard not to ask if they are, themselves, the real deal. Writing songs rooted in 60s and 70s funk and soul, the Dynamites are straight from the James Brown-Curtis Mayfield School of R n B – and what a school that is! Fronted by 65-year-old soul veteran Charles Walker (and there is no doubt he has lived, loved and sweated soul) the band are several generations younger, and they certainly learnt their lessons well … perhaps too well. So precisely do they replicate their heroes that it’s impossible not to make direct comparisons, and there is only ever going to be one winner (by knockout blow) in that contest. There is enough on Burn It Down to let you know that live these boys can work up a sweat, but their competence in putting on a live show is their downfall in the studio, never able to make us forget where they came from. “All it is / Is what it is”.