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This Melbourne trio deliver their fourth album of electronic thought patterns; though this time they’ve opted a little away from their hip-hop grooves and attempted something a little more slow-burning.  Singer Rebecca Charlesworth leads all of these songs – she has a spoony, Nico-esque voice; never wavering in pitch, yet curiously fragile in its delivery. There is something eerie about the inclusion of the old Afro-American lullaby All The Pretty Little Horses, treated with an insistent trip-hop beat and fluttery acoustic guitars – it sounds like a lullaby for a lost replicant. This is probably the most effective moment on the album in its ability to transport the listener to a strangely familiar and calming place. In fact, most  of the music on this CD carries that effect to a degree – it feels as though Charlesworth’s voice is our constant guide through the mathematical world of electronic music, emploring us to feel more than the usual bleeps and scratches of house music. Subtlety is the key, and Music vs Physics have managed to employ it to good effect here.