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The future of pop remains in capable hands. Kicking off their debut album with the two tracks that made up their double A-side single was certainly an obvious choice for Lucky Elephant; if for no other reason than the anonymously titled instrumental and Edgar are two of the brightest and most perfect slabs of pop produced this millennium. Red Ties vs The Bees then sounds like Tim Freedman fronting Cold Play before they mix it up with a deep-dub bass-line and twinkling piano in Modern Life, Changing People. While The Beginning is a rolling, rambling pop song that expands in expectation mid-way through before disappointingly falling back. The album ends on a high note, with the piano driven Timebomb being their quietest, simplest and most haunting moment. Starsign Trampoline is certainly an adventurous debut from Lucky Elephant, with plenty to arouse your interest and intrigue, even if the excitement caused by their double A-sided single isn’t quite fully realised.

*** 1/2