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Englishman Jon Allen would have you sit down with a stiff whiskey, and listen well to his tales of hard luck, women, money and death. The first of these comes with the swinging title track, whereby this pebble-throated singer regales us with the unfortunate tale of an ill-fated second-hand clothing expedition. In the song, this suit brings him nothing but bad luck; that accursed garment that he thought was black (as it turned out it was blue).  We’re then onto campfire travel story Going Home, and the touching blues ballad Lay Your Burden Down.  In all these roaming, rambling blues-folk numbers, Allen’s voice sings plainly, heart-on-sleeve – his lyrics aren’t particularly inventive, in fact rather simplistic, but there is a spirit of joy in the delivery of the songs. About that voice – the resemblance to Rod Stewart is undeniable – and it is there in Rod’s 70’s mid-paced wistful rock n’ roll that Jon Allen has found his muse. He’s good looking, with raspy, sexy pipes and bittersweet songs to match. Surely a recipe for success, at least in the UK.