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The sophisticated jazz clubs of old are all but wiped-out in Sydney, locals having to rely upon their own devices to get their fix – think record players, a smoke machine and a hired three-piece suit. But come Tuesday March 2, Notes is set to transport audiences back to the golden age of jazz with the launch of Casablanca Nights, an event the Enmore venue is calling, “the missing piece in Sydney’s jazz scene”. With an impressive line-up of local talent, including Evelyn Duprai, Gary Holgate, Peter Drummond and Joseph Calderazzo, this promises to be a night of unforgettable music and elegance. Notes’ stylish dim lighting, sophisticated décor, enticing menu and intimate arrangement have the real potential to create an authentic jazz club atmosphere. And with performers set to be dressed in all their finery – think tailored suits, exquisite gowns and all that jazz (pardon the pun) – you may just find yourself whisked away to another time. You might even catch the ghost of ol’ blue eyes in the corner – but then again the smoking laws may keep him away. So, there’s really only one thing left to say. Casablanca Nights, here’s looking at you, kid …  

Mar 2,  7pm, Notes, 75 Enmore Road, Enmore, $20.50 or dinner & show $45,, 1300 762 545