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Written by, directed by, and starring Ben Stiller, a Vietnam war film goes over budget due to the massive egos of its stars, who are then forced to trek into the jungle to finish the shoot guerilla-style, inadvertently running into some real bad guys. Fans of Stiller will not be disappointed with his first directorial effort since Zoolander. There’s nothing groundbreaking here (despite some highly astute satire on the Hollywood industry), but it’s good fun and a sure hit; and certain sequences make you believe that Stiller could actually be capable of producing a sincere Vietnam film. Robert Downey Jr. shines utterly as the Australian method actor portraying a black sergeant, whilst a bevy of A-List celebrities fill out many of the films smaller roles ‘ Steve Coogan, Nick Nolte, Matthew McConaughey ‘ but it’s Tom Cruise who steals the show as a balding, vitriolic film executive. (Michael Farrell)