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Set in an English summer in the 1980s, two school friends set out to make a film inspired by Rambo: First Blood on a home video camera. It’s super cute, due in large part to the two extremely talented youngsters starring in it ‘ Bill Milner and Will Poulter. Playing school kids from opposite ends of the social specturm, there is an amazing chemistry between them and assuredness of their performance that is rare and delightful in such young actors. It’s not laugh-a-minute but there is a delightful irreverence throughout the film, along with some wonderful imagery and a few truly excellent gags to punctuate what is a magical, funny, heartwarming story of friendship and growing up. It’s sometimes moving, without being taxing, and comes to its resolutions with only the slightest feeling that maybe some plot strands weren’t paid enough attention. The rollicking, catchy soundtrack caps it all off nicely. (Michael Farrell)