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Producer Judd Apatow’s movies put the moral confusion of generation Y in front of a camera and scream: ‘laugh.’ Pineapple Express is the baby of Apatow’s current muse, Seth Rogen, who co-produced and ‘wrote the film, as well as performing the lead. Along with director David Gordon Green and comic sidekick James Franco, this testosterone team have infused an average stoner-out-of-his-depth-in-drug-war scenario with above average dialogue and sight humour. Like all good Apatow movies, Pineapple Express explodes with sympathy for the idly gormless male, ever approaching the homoerotic, ever approaching a stab at social commentary, but just as quickly dismantling itself via the safety of irreverence. I wish the stoners I know were as entertaining and loving as the characters in this movie; unfortunately life doesn’t pan out that way. Still, it’s tight entertainment. (Wyatt Moss-Wellington)