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Every Tuesday this month, The Basics are bringing old-school good times to the Hopetoun hotel.

The three-piece Melbourne rockers ‘ Kris Schroeder (bass), Wally De Backer (drums) and Tim Heath (guitars) ‘ are doing a four week residency to celebrate the re-release of their 2002 debut Get Back.

If you haven’t heard them before, think The Beatles meets Spencer Davis Group; feel-good three-minute pop songs with a nod to R&B classics from the 50s and 60s; Jangling guitars, single-breasted suits, three-part harmonies, girls and parties and music.

Schroeder and De Backer started gigging together in 2001, joined by original guitarist Michael Hubbard (who left the group in 2004, to be replaced by Heath). They were young and enthusiastic, and playing music for the love of it.

Says Kris Schroeder: “It was all about making people sing along and dance, making people feel joy, which is one of the main reasons for doing it. It was such a contrast from what most bands were doing at the time, which was making miserable music.”

They recorded, mixed and mastered Get Back in just six days. It’s an album that wears its influences proudly.

“Having played live but never recorded, we were doing a lot of covers,” he says. “The ones that went across the best were the beat-driven 60s and 70s numbers like Gimme Some Lovin’. That got such a great reaction that we decided those were going to be the kinds of songs we would write.”

Six years later, there are new directions for the band ‘ new material being mixed at Abbey Road by Michael Brower. But before that, there’s one last look back at where they began.

“We’re only just old enough now to start to express our angst,” laughs Kris. “Our new recording will be a bit more EMO, but then we were more happy-go-lucky.”

For CD diehards, Get Back is a beautifully designed package, with original artwork, lyrics and archival photographs. It’s even remastered in ‘duophonic’ stereo. (Google it!)

The Basics do a great live show. It’s nice to see three guys who have as much fun playing as their fans do watching. So get out your woollies and get in early!

Get Back is out now through MGM Distribution.

The Basics
August 19 and 26, 8pm
The Hopetoun
416 Bourke St, Surry Hills
Tickets: $8 at the door