Best of Sydney

CELEBRITY BEST: Joel Tarling, Cartoonist Artist

Joel loves sketching Sydney’s streets and harbour and has lived here most of his life. He can be found sketching just about anywhere ‘ Bec Plumbe captured him on film in the Old Fish Shop Café in Newtown. He contributes cartoons and illustrations monthly to the Sydney City Hub. To see more of Joel’s work visit: Joel tells me that there are many great places in Sydney, but these are some of his personal favourites:

Best tribute to an almost forgotten Aboriginal Warrior
On the Aboriginal track in Callan Park Rozelle there is a small plaque to Pemulwuy on a rocky outcrop overlooking the bay. Pemulwuy was first described to me as an aboriginal Braveheart . He carried out guerrilla attacks against the English from 1780 to 1802 to protect his land and people. Further reading: Eric Willmot’s novel, Pemulwuy The Rainbow Warrior, Bantan Books 1987.

Best retro skate park near a new skate park
Dulwich Hill Skate Park has an old bowl and snake run in the top corner of the park. It’s a great place to carve banks and have fun. While everyone else gets tricky on the newer skate park, you can roll around on the less crowded retro part of the skate park.
Hercules Reserve, Hercules St, Dulwich Hill

Best Bush regeneration in an urban environment
Whites Creek Wetlands is full of frogs and native fish. It is an aquatic ecosystem on the edge of Leichhardt and Annandale, which was designed to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from polluted storm-water. Walk down on a warm spring night during a full moon, the sound of the water flowing and singing frogs makes you feel like you’re somewhere out in the country.

Best tree which refuses to die
In McDonald Lane Potts Point there is a massive Morton Bay fig growing in the lane way. The tree is so big it has consumed the fence. Apparently a couple of years ago the council tried to remove the tree by cutting it off at the fence line but it still spouts new growth. This tree has a real lust for life.