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Firekites – The Bowery

The Bowery – Firekites

By Chris Peken

It takes either huge amounts of confidence or a brilliant stroke of marketing genius to release your debut album with not a peep of fanfare nor information. The Bowery admittedly comes with the impressive stamp of quality that is the Spunk record label, but this quartet from Newcastle provide little else to promote themselves – except a remarkable ten tracks on their debut album. The Bowery shines with the tinkle of acoustic strings, the subtlest of electronic layers and the sweetest of jazz tinges in a late-night ambient pop world. Greater research reveals the members to have impressive pedigree, including The Herd, Josh Pyke and The Instant, but such name dropping may well soon be reversed as Firekites are at least the equal of these outfits. Their low-fi, simple yet rich textures, hushed vocals and sweetest melodies transcend boundaries of geography and wash across genres. Same Suburb Different Park the centre piece that combines all of their elements in a mature and complex song that masters a decidedly difficult musical landscape with poise. Burning brightly in an over-crowded sky, Firekites are without doubt the discovery of the year to date.