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World Youth Day alternative events

July 13 Rainbow Sash: The event is a cross between a rally/panel discussion/mass at 2.30 pm on Sunday, July 13 at the Pitt St Uniting Church. The panel includes Dorothy McRae McMahon and author, educator and spiritual activist Michael B Kelly. Journalist David Marr will moderate the event, which Kelly described as ‘a stand for the spiritual life of gay and lesbian people’.
‘The sorts of things the church says about gay and lesbian people are an affront ‘ we’re not disordered, unnatural or a danger to society. We claim our right to celebrate our lives and who we are.’
Kelly described WYD as ‘the George Pell show’ and said what young people will be exposed to is a particular form of Catholicism with a 1950s authoritarian style.
‘The church does an enormous amount of good but the stuff we’ll be getting is clerics parading around in old vestments,’ he said. ‘Many religious orders, schools and groups of nuns and brothers are trying to give it a more progressive, social justice focus.’

July 18 Pellfire: Welcoming Catholic Youth!
Sydney’s Hellfire Club will change its name to Pellfire for a special night on Friday, July 18.
‘We think this quite appropriate seeing as our beloved Cardinal is one of the greatest advocates for doing nothing about global warming – so it shouldn’t be too long before everything becomes hotter than Hellfire if he has his way!
‘We find his stoic and principled resistance to the idea of a bill of rights for Australian citizens equally noteworthy. After all, we can’t let queers, freaks and deviants get too uppity ‘ perversion should properly remain the domain of the clergy, an unavoidable consequence of an anti-sex celibacy culture that has done so much for altar boys everywhere.
‘We are welcoming Catholic youth with open arms in July. Bring on the pilgrims! In 15 years of running The Hellfire Club we’ve found the Catholic faith provides the richest recruiting ground of any religion. Catholics make up a disproportionately large number of our regulars, and they bring with them a veritable backpack of guilt, fear and shame that seems to take years to get over. Without them, we would have closed many years ago.’
Dona Nobis Pacem!
Master Tom
The Hellfire Club

More information on octopussy00@ozemail.com.au or via Satan’s handset on 0410 696 036.

July 19 Pope Action protests: A coalition formed to protest WYD08 will hold an action on Saturday July 19 near Randwick Racecourse, the day of the walks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and from the city to Randwick. CAAH will distribute condoms and carry banners along the route proclaiming the protest’s two main themes ‘ ‘Gay is Great’ and ‘Condoms save lives’.
‘We’ll choose a site near the racecourse and we’ll hand out condoms and talk to the pilgrims about the benefit of condoms and the rights of gays,’ Rachel Evans said.

July 19 Pope Alice KISS-IN: (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer kissing event sending love to homophobic Old Queen Benedict XVI).

Her Divine Holiness Pope Alice invites all open-minded people in Sydney to a KISS-IN at Taylor Square on Saturday July 19 at 3pm. The event will also be held at the same time in Queens Park Brisbane and possibly in other capitals.
Pope Alice says: ‘This is a new era for humanity. All the old medieval religions and medieval thinking are out of step with the rest of the world and the progress of love. Homosexuality is natural and genetic. Kissing is natural. Kiss a Queer for Christ’s Sake.’
More information on popealice@gmail.com

Sydney Atheists: will hold a lunchtime heretic BBQ in a park near Randwick Racecourse for Sunday Mass on July 20.

Support groups for victims of clerical abuse will also hold protests. Victims’ rights campaigner Helen Last from In Good Faith & Associates said: ‘Certainly our presence will be felt. We want to make a symbolic statement in regard to the neglect and disregard of victims.’