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Albert Hammond, Jr. – Como Te Llama

¿Como Te Llama’ – Albert Hammond, Jr.
By Chris Peken

Ever wondered what Sean Lennon was doing these days’ Playing piano on the instrumental  Spooky Couch from the second solo album by The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. is apparently part of the answer. While The Strokes struggle to live up to the fantastic success of the most explosive debut of the new millennium, Hammond, Jr. decides to spread his musical wings; from The Clash inspired reggae of Borrowed Time to the Flaming Lips groove of Victory at Monterey or the Major Tom feel of Bargain of the Century. Lyrically Hammond, Jr. “…would just sing and sing and then arrange the words afterwards” and that tends to show – the lyrics lacking the punch and poignancy of his guitar playing. For Strokes fans I Miss You Already will sound familiar, and stacks up favourably with their recent work and the heavy riffing of The Boss Americana reminds me that Cheap Trick are touring with Def Leopard in November. Rock on.

*** 1/2