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The more the merrier is the motto of (the best thing to come out of) Canberra band The Andi and George Band, who play with up to fifteen musicians and singers at any one performance. ‘We just send a text message out to all of the band members and whoever can turn up that night comes along,’ says Andi, the singer/guitarist/lyricist and joint founder of the band, ‘we choose the songs we are going to play according to what instruments we have at the gig.’ The band’s instruments include acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, bongos (percussion), cello, violin, flute, horns, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and the occasional sitar or banjo. The style of music they play is just as varied. Click on to their Myspace page and you will first hear a lazy folk piece with sitar and didgeridoo (The Tree Song), followed by a fast paced, political piece (Man Alive) and a grungy, power ballad not dissimilar to Portishead’s Woman (Woman).  Both Andi and George, who fell in musical love at first sight, are diverse characters themselves. The two are from Fijian and Japanese backgrounds respectively, and their musical taste is eclectic. What’s next for the Andi and George band’ The trip of a lifetime. The band is travelling up the north east coast on their first Australian tour. ‘We are doing the whole tour on the party bus,’ says Andi, describing a school bus that they have converted into a travelling suite with futons, lounges, a kitchen underneath and, most importantly, the best mural this side of the equator. Check the Andi and George band out this Monday night during the first leg of their tour at Will and Toby’s. You will not be disappointed.

The Andi and George Band

June 2, 8pm

Will and Toby’s

134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst